About Rainbow Foundation

Rainbow Foundation: Founded in 1995 as an independent Charity Organization based in Oslo, Norway.

Our mission:

Rainbow Foundation is a Charity organization (an NGO) that seeks to work closely with all willing partners so that the needy people in society are given an opportunity to get a decent life. The Foundation was established in Norway in February 1995 and was officially registered as an NGO in 1996 by the Norwegian authorities.

The Foundation has its focus on:

1. Promotion of cultural and educational exchange programmes

2. Promotion of Education for the less fortunate by offering them scholarships for higher education

3. Promoting health education focusing on Protective measures on the spread of HIV and assisting AIDS affected people through health programmes. The Foundation also gives direct help to children and youth who have become orphans on loosing their parents to AIDS.

4. Promotion of small scale business ventures for  the needy and assistance to the needy to set up small businesses in order to take a step forward and become self-reliant

5. Promotion of programmes that enhance cultural understanding between Immigrants and Norwegians living in Norway

Target groups:

1. Young Children and disadvantaged women and single mothers

2. The youth taking higher education

3. School drop outs due to failure to pay school fees

4. Girls who drop out of school due to accidental pregnancies: This group get specially designed programmes that give them short term courses/training so that they can establish and own small scale businesses and become self employed/ self-reliant person.

5. Immigrants and ethnic Norwegians living in Norway


4 comments on “About Rainbow Foundation

  1. am a young from Ghana/west african. i need an assistant financially to enable me enroll in university of Cape Coast to read a 2 year degree programme. last year i was given admission but due to financial contsraint i could do it.thanks so much.

  2. Dear Sir/ Madam

    I am Chandra prasad Siwakoti from Nepal. I gone through your official website and I found many more thing in regard of social networking program i.e Health, Education, Cultural exchange program and women right based approach services eg. reproductive right . Currently I am working as Economic,Social and Development Right Lawyer (ESDR) . I am also closely observing the Scandinavian system. I would like to humbly request you and your organization to share idea in the regarding of social activities program. My email address is hurepa@wlink.com.np and siwakoti_chandra@hotamil.com
    I will be grateful if you listed me in your new partner list . Thanking you

    Sincerely Yours,
    Chandra Prasad Siwakoti
    LL.M – Human rights and Gender justice
    Katmandu, Nepal

  3. my neice is sick with scoliosis since 6 years old. we cannot find any sponsor to help her for corrective surgery, up to now. Could your Foundation help us to disolve this problem,or direct us to one, who are willing to help this kind of patients?

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